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The Oronjia Forest

is located on a rugged peninsula that guards the entrance of Diego’s celebrated harbour and provides spectacular seas views.

The Forest has been recently designated as a new protected area on account of its highly diverse and rare fauna and flora. The site also contains relicts from a long and rich military history. The protected area is being managed by a partnership including the Malagasy government, Missouri Botanical Garden and the local community. We welcome researchers, volunteers and visitors.


Location and access

The Oronjia Forest

is a new 1648 hectare protected area located a mere 40-minute drive from Diego. Take the road from Diego to Ramena, pass the Montagne des Francais but keep going until you reach Ankorikihely where you will see signs directing you to the reserve kiosk.


The conservation project

The Oronjia Forest is one of 94 new protected areas that were designated by the Malagasy government in May 2015. This site is being managed by Missouri Botanical Garden whose site-based team work with the local community to implement a range of activities that will enable the regeneration of this forest and the conservation of its rich flora and fauna. These activities include: community policing to control damaging activities; support for development activities to provide alternative sources of income for the local community than the non-sustainable exploitation of natural resources; promotion of tourism; restoration of degraded forest, raising awareness among the local community about the importance of the forest and its biodiversity, and research to inform decision-making.

For news about our work see the twitter account: @oronjia_park

The Mamelon Vert trail

The Oronjia Forest

contains a number of threatened plant and animal species - some of which are known from nowhere else. If you would like to see some of this biodiversity and learn more about the history of the forest, then please request a local guide (see arranging your visit) and follow the Mamelon Vert trail. The trail is not arduous and typically will take about 2.5 hours to complete but you are advised to take water, use sun cream and wear a hat.

Participative tourism

If you would like to lend a hand in conserving this forest while at the same time learning more about conservation in Madagascar, then come and work in our nursery. Tasks vary though out the year but include making compost, collecting seeds, potting up seedlings, watering plants, and monitoring our work to restore the forest. Be ready to get hot and dirty!